Q. Are there any Battle Map Studio tutorials?


Q. What do I do if I hosted a session but my friend can't connect? 
Check what region you hosted the session in and make sure that your friend is connected to the same region. To change regions, click the wire-frame globe in the top left of the screen. If the globe is gray, clicking it will attempt to connect to multiplayer services. If the globe is orange, clicking it will open up the network status panel where you can select a region to connect to from the dropdown.

Q. What do I do if I joined a session but can't do anything?
When you host a room, there are options where you can set the default player permissions. If the default permission is "Player", joining players will be unable to edit or move the camera. If you join as a player and would like edit permissions, have the host update your permissions in the Players window (under Multiplayer). Right-click the player in this window and hit "Edit Permissions" to update editing privileges.


Q. How do I create quickly create rooms like you do in the trailer?
First, press the M key or select the Dragger tool from the tools menu. When you have the dragger tool loaded, select the house icon button in the lower-left corner. This brings up the quick-wall window where you can select either a pre-made wall set or customize each wall, tile, or entrance that's used to generate the room.

Q. Are there characters that I can place, move, and attack with?
Yes! There are various animated characters that you can place and then direct to move, attack, die, and resurrect.

Q. Can doors be opened and closed?
Yes! Select a door and hit the 🔃 switch state button to open and close doors.

Q. How do I change the size of my brush?
When you have the brush, dragger, blaster, or bucket tool loaded, a paintbrush icon appears in the bottom left panel. You can click this to open the paint options panel where you can change the brush style and style. 
Alternatively, use these hotkeys for changing brush settings:
  • Shift + scroll to change the brush size
  • Shift + Alt + scroll to rotate the brush
  • Ctrl + scroll to change the brush style.
  • Ctrl + Alt + scroll to change the style of the element you're painting with.


Q. Where can I send feedback?

Q. Why won't Battle Map Studio open on Mac?
🍏 If you have a Mac with Apple silicon and you're unable to open Battle Map Studio, try running the app with Rosetta.


Q. Will you be adding more plants, characters, and other props?
Yes! I work with several artists that create 3D models for Battle Map Studio, so I will regularly be adding new assets, including characters, furniture, and plants for different biomes. I'll also be adding custom asset importing, which would allow you to import your own minis and other models.

Q. Is there a "player" version, or does each player need to own Battle Map Studio to join a multiplayer session?
For now, each player who wants to join a multiplayer session in Battle Map Studio needs to own a copy. I do want Battle Map Studio to be accessible and affordable for those who just want to join as a player. A player version is a good idea, and something I'm still considering.